Allosaurus Dinosaur

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Size at 3mm

L= 610
W = 191
H = 204

Allosaurus is a genus of large Theropod Dinosaur that lived 155 million years ago during the late Jurassic period. The name Allosaurus means “Messed up face”. It was one of the first well known Theropod Dinosaurs and was a large Pipedal predator. Itsskull was large and equipped with dozens of large, sharp teeth.

Allosaurus was at the top of the food chain, probably preying on cotemperaneous large Herbivorous Dinosaurs and maybe even other predators. Some scientists believe Allosaurus had cooperativesocial behavior and hunted in packs. It may have attacked large prey by ambush, using its upper jaw like a hatchet. Ouch!

Watch out for Allosaurus!

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Dimensions 610 × 191 × 204 cm

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