Dimetrodon Dinosaur

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Size at 3mm

L= 610
W = 115
H = 356
Dimetrodon, meaning “Two measures of teeth”, was a predatory Synapsid genus that flourished during the permian period, living between 265-280 million years ago. Synapsids are more closely related to mammals than to true reptiles such as Dinosaurs, lizards and crocodiles.

Dimetrodon had a high, arched, flat structure running along the length of its back, This feature is presumed to have been used by the animal for regulating body temperature, such as by absorbing the warmth of sunshine. The most striking feature of Dimetrodon has been the one meter long protrusions at the back of the spine, the spinous processes, also referred to as spines.

These spines have wide bases and then form long and slender with pointed tips. The spines were believed to have been connected by a solid skin, which formed a sail on its back.

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