Spinosaurus Dinosaur

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Spinosaurus is a genus of Theropod Dinosaur which lived in what is now North Africa, from the lower Albian to lower Cenomanian stages of the Cretaceous Period. Spinosaurus may be the largest of all known Carnivorous Dinosaurs, and were believed to have been even larger than the T-Rex and Gigantosaurus. They believe Spinossaurus was around 41-59  feet in length and weighed between 10-23 tons. Its skull was long and
narrow like that of a modern Crocodilian. Spinosaurus more than likely ate fish as its main staple in its diet. Evidence suggests it lived both on land and in water like a Crocodile. The distinctive spines of Spinosaurus, which were long extensions of the vertegrae, grew at least 5 1/2 feet long and were likely to have had skin connecting them, forming a sail-like structure.

Watch out for the Spinosaurus!

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Size at 3 mm

L= 610
W = 204
H = 229

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