Stegosaurus Dinosaur (Anatomically Correct)

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Stegosaurus Covered Lizard

Stegosaurus lived during the late Jurassic Period. There was no polar ice during the last ttwo-thirdsof the Jurassic. The climate was warm and moist and the sea levels were high. There were vast flooded areas, temperate and subtropical forests and coral reefs. There was a minor mass extinction toward the end of the Jurassic period.

Stegosaurus was from 26-30 feet long (8-9m) and its back lets were twice as long as its front legs. Stegosaurus had a very tiny brain, which was unusual given how large he was.  The Stegosaurus was a herbivore and it must have eaten a large amount of low-calorie plant material each day to sustain its bulk. Scientists are in debate whether or not Stegosaurus could rear up on its legs to forage for vegetation. Stegosaurus had 17 bony plates that were embedded on its back. The plates were made of bone which was not solid but filled with tube-like tunnels.  The largest of these triangular plates was about 2.5 feet tall and just as long.

The plates were probably well nourished by blood vessels, which may mean that the plates could have regulated the dinosaurs temperature. They also could have been used for protection or mating purposes.

Watch out for the Stegosaurus!

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