Velociraptor Dinosaur (Anatomically Correct)

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This is one of a Brand New set of 8 Dinosaurs that are Museum Quality Skeletons and are Anatomically Correct.
They were based off the real Skeletal dynamics of the actual Dinosaurs.
This is the eighth Anatomically Correct Dinosaur in a Brand New set of 8 New Dinosaurs
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    Velociraptor is a genus of Dromaeosaurid Theropod Dinosaur that existed approximately
    75 to 71 million years ago during the later part of the Cretacous Period.
    The Velociraptor was smaller than some of the other Dromaeosaurids. It was a bipedal,
    feathered carnivore with a long, stiffened tail and an enlarged sickle shaped claw on
    each hindfoot, which is thought to have been used to kill its prey.
    They played a prominent role in Jurassic Park, the motion picture series.
    Very Scary Stuff! 🙂

    Watch out for the Velociraptor!


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